Monday, July 24, 2006

Welcome Welchkins

I thought it might be fun for us to have a family blog where we are all members and can all contribute and interact with each other. With our family getting larger and spreading out, I thought this might be a good way for all of us to interact a little bit more.

I have sent email invites to everyone that I have addresses for - let me know if I left anyone out. I will act as the administrator to lesson the chaos, but everyone will have the ability to add things to the site. You do have to register as a user of blogger if you haven't already to use the site - it's free and easy. Then we can all start posting.

You can post text (what's new, updates, announcements), or photos or both on this site. You can also comment on other people's posts and read everyone else's comments.

The first order of business is the template and the blog name - I picked "Welchkin Wire" to start out with, but it can be changed very easily, so I would love to hear your suggestions and input.

Feel free to pick my brain with any questions - I've been using this service for a while, so I know the ins and outs fairly well.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy. I love and miss you all!




I amso excited you started this. It will be a fun way to stay in touch. I miss you all so much I would love to share tidbits this way.
I love you all tons:) Keep smiling:)
love forever, M<3

Walker said...

What's up Minnesota family? Good call on creating this Patty, it should be a good way to stay up on everybody's status. As far as Katchie and I, our apartment is looking more and more like a home and less like a disaster area. So, that's good. What's up with everyone else?

dawnday said...

Hey Patty-
I love the idea of using this site to keep up to date with each other, and to have a place the "Welchkins" can come. Hurry for the idea-for this site. I have no suggestions for the site, as for right now. I had a hard time choosing a template for my site. The sky's the limit, however. SKye has interesting things, that can be used to help us for the site, on his site:



I learned a great lesson yesterday, stop going down the basement stairs with the light out.
I guess my eyes aren't as good as thet used to be!
Trey has taken good care of me, he even made me a crutch. Dad of course wis out of town in Bermuda, since he was going for "business" I challenged him to remove his swimsuit from his luggage :)
I hope you are all staying cool in all this hot hot weather.
I love ya forever, M<3

SKye said...

Hi all! Jake informed me about this site--Hope you guys don't mind that I'm dropping in and saying hello.