Friday, October 17, 2008

All without a Net!! LOL

The free fall!

The score!

The high spirits!

The sack that clinched the game!

Awesome Game.


"Trey's tough on both sides of the ball," Bahlmann said.
"He provides us with a physical game all the time.
The Brookings coach thought he was one of the
best backs they'd seen when they watched his film.


mamasteph said...

Fantastic photos! Way to go on the game last night Trey! The announcers and the coach had some real nice things to say about you!

Biggie T said...

Great game Trey - once again you led your team to victory with awesome plays on both sides of the ball. That last sack was fantastic and really sealed the win. Now take this momentum and beat Mankato East next week so you can take on Huthinson.

The Bombic said...

Oh Wow! I think Trey must be part flying squirrel or something. :) We read the article this morning before work and it sounds like Trey had an amazing game. Wish we could have been there. Go Trey!