Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We had a great time trick or treating and spending time with friends last night for Halloween. We missed all of you terribly and wish we could have all been together! Here is just a glimpse of last night's fun. For many more pictures you can hop on over to our blog! The girls had so much fun and it was awesome to see how much they have grown up since last year! Trick or treating with the kids sure brought back some great memories to me of Halloweens of the past! I hope you all had as much fun as we did!
(She actually talked to people while trick or treating! She really is growing up!)
(In her pictures she is pretty much either laughing hysterically or sleeping! No inbetween!)
(He is getting so big!)


Trey said...

HAHAHA omg-oodness.. Lainey looks so funny, is she Annie or whatever? Wish I could of been there those kids looked awesome in their costumes. And the outfit Lennon is wearing reminds me of something Val would pick out..

M {3 said...

Darn it, I sure wish I had been there! Your costumes and celebrating make me proud!!! Well done:)

Hair Goddess said...

So cute!! Lainey cracks me up!!

The Bombic said...

Those costumes are fabulous! Thanks for posting these pictures. The babies are always!

Biggie T said...

These kids are so cute in their costumes - I'm way impressed!