Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Music Showcase

Hey family--we need your support! Val has entered a music showcase through Mormon Times, featuring his song "What Would Jesus Have Me Do?" This is an amazing song, as they all are, and the finalists are determined based on votes. So we need your help! Tell EVERYONE you know! Let's get Val to the finals! Here's what you do....
First, go to

go the the Showcase link (in between Most Viewed and User Videos)

Scroll down to Val Moore and click on his image. Once you do this there should be a button saying "vote for this song". You can also become his fan! You may have to register for the site, but I promise they won't send you anything! You can vote once per day, per person through February 14th.

Please help us out and tell everyone you can think of! Go back and vote EVERY DAY! We are always so thankful for our families support! Thanks you guys!


Trey said...

did it, i'll try and remember to do it every day

M {3 said...

It is such a beautiful song! Way to go Val:)