Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trey has 190 yards rushing in season opener!

What a great way to start the football season! Beautiful weather, awesome company
Trey had a great running game and the defense was amazing.
We had lots of fun and wish you all had been there as well.
The newspaper has articles on Friday and on Saturday's about the MHS Tigers. So check them out. Usually the Independents C U has pictures as well.


Biggie T said...

What an awesome first game Trey! You really set the tone for the game with the first play running 72 yards. I'm so glad I was there to watch and to be able tocheer you on with mom, Patch & Eric. It was a great football night.

browneyedgirl said...

Congrats dude! Sounds like you did amazing last night! I am so proud of you dude! 190! That is awesome! Keep rockin it dude! Love you!

mamasteph said...

Way to go!!! Great articles! Lots of nice things were said about you Trey! You are awesome! Wish we were there! We can't wait to see you play! Go Tigers! Love ya bro!

Hair Goddess said...

Way to go Trey! In case you didn't know, you are kind of a big deal? I am pretty much in your fan club!!!

The Bombic said...

It was a fantastic game - so glad we could make it! We had so much fun and especially enjoyed "encouraging" the cheerleaders doing their push ups. ha ha ha