Friday, August 15, 2008


We are down 3 Woodchucks!
Our trapper man (a chubbier MN Leon)
has trapped and taken away 3 so far.
It may be safe for Sully to venture out more soon. LOL
The under our sun porch inhabitors wore out their welcome.
Okay, they are rodents and really NEVER were welcome.
I bid them farewell and since we haven't trapped any
in the last 2 days, maybe they have found a new home.
Trey says they are cute...I think not,


mamasteph said...

We are glad to hear they are hopefully (fingers crossed) all gone! I didn't realize until you guys told me that woodchucks are the same as groundhogs!

Hair Goddess said...

Hope they are all gone :) .... He is kinda cute.... And until I read Stephs comment I had no idea that they were the same thing either!

M {3 said...

Before he took the traps away yesterday our trapper friend also caught a bonus raccoon. He has also carted off lots of our dropped apples for the deer. He is worth his cost:)

The Bombic said...

Did you ask it how much wood it could chuck?!

He does look a little cute (sorry Mom), but maybe it's less so in person. :)

P.S. That chubby Leon guy sounds great.