Monday, March 31, 2008

Which side is it again?

How many times have you driven up to the gas pump
and realized your gas tank door was on the opposite side.
I guess I have driven too many rentals or different cars;
our cars are all different. I learned something recently
that helped me. (Who says an old dog can't learn things ?)
On most new cars, there's a little image of a gas pump
next to the fuel gauge on your dashboard .
Next to the pump is an arrow that points to
the side of the car where the fuel door is.
In this case, it's pointing to the left.
Does your car have that? Isn't that cool?
You'll thank me the next time you drive a strange car.


mamasteph said...

Very interesting. I've never noticed this. (now I wished I had! I've pulled in on the wrong side before! Probably several times!) I'll definitely have to check it out in our car!

Trey said...

Nice that is really cool and it's so simple that it's GENIUS! I always end up getting there and having to open my door while driving because I forget all the time in even my own car! Thanks mom and I love you!!!

browneyedgirl said...

Trey you are too cute! I told Adam about this and he was so excited! Thanks for sharing your knowledge Mom! (and Dad) :)

Hair Goddess said...

Excellent tip !

The Bombic said...

It's so funny because as I was talking to you yesterday and pulling into the gas station - I noticed that my car has "Fuel Door" actually written out with an arrow. Amazing the things you don't notice until they're pointed out. Brilliant!

mamasteph said...

I checked ours after I read this. It totally has it! Sweet!