Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day 2009!

We hope you're having a warm
and sunny Earth Day!
We hope you are having some
'green' success in our green year.
We love the daily suggestions
from the 'green calendar'.
Three things we have been
some success with are:

1. Using reusable cloth bags at the store.
We have found thatsome stores (not Walmart)
give a 5-10 cent refund for each bag.
Put them in between the front seats where
you unbuckle your seat belt, then you
see them as you get out.

2. Using cloth napkins for the day or
several days instead of paper napkins
or paper towels has really worked well
for us. Sam's sells great white restaurant
napkins, maybe we could get
some and split them.

3. Using less plastic water bottles.
Using filtered water and
refillable's definitely helps the
pocketbook as well as the earth!

We'd love to hear of anything that
is working well at your houses.
Have a wonderful green day and remember,


browneyedgirl said...

You are my inspiration Momma! We have been trying to be better - but I really struggle with the water bottles :( At least Adam has gotten us recycling! It's crazy how full our recycling bin fills up! Happy Earth Day!!!

The Bombic said...

Happy Earth Day! I think the reusable bags and refillable bottles are two of the best things you can do for the Earth. It's scary that those things don't decompose and it's easy to stop using them with a little practice.
We also invested in a good glass bowl set with plastic lids (Rubbermaid I think) that allows us to stop using as many plastic containers and plastic bags. And I have stopped taking plastic utensils to lunch and instead use metal silverware. It doesn't take up much room and it actually makes for a nicer lunch experience.


mamasteph said...

It really is easy being green!!! We have really cut back on water bottles and are now using reusable ones and We love our reusable bags! One of our favorite stores charges you to buy plastic bags, and they really encourage reusing! We definitely need to try the cloth napkin idea! We love our earth!

Hair Goddess said...

Happy Earth Day everyone! Be kind to our Mother Earth! Love you all

Biggie T said...

We can all make a difference by changing some habits - I'm still trying to remember the cloth bags each time I go into a store. Mom and I helped the YM/YW do their semi-annual road cleanup last night and hope every little act makes a difference. Make every day an earth day!