Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What an Adventure! The really condensed version!!

Friday we prepared to go to Utah.
We had gotten tickets to both the
Saturday afternoon session and the
Sunday morning session at the
conference center. We are really
trying to be better people and more
spiritual so we were really anxious
to go. Dad and Trey had never been
and I think I went once years ago
when I was small.
And from that moment until now we
have been on one wild “adventure”.
It started with a last minute call
about showing the house while we
were gone which involved a more
extensive cleaning plan which then
set us back 2 ½ hours from leaving.
It then went on to wind and snow,
which the forecast said would be
rain until the next day, to a full
blown wicked blizzard, to closed
freeways and an extra night in a
hotel room which turned into a
electrical power outage hotel room,
then a fire alarm, leave the building
into a roaring blizzard while sitting
in your car waiting for the fire
department to work on a smoky
electrical fire for over an hour
hotel room while helping strangers
carry children out and trying not to
scare them (turns out they were
from Utah!) finally returning to the
powerless room and getting ready for
bed in cell phone one light!
We got power at 2am and awoke to a
still closed freeway! We decided to
stay and watch on the internet
(like we had the day before) the
morning session since we had looked
forward to it so much even though we
weren’t there, we were really looking
forward to hearing the prophet.
The talks all conference seemed meant
for us. It was a great session but
as the prophet got to the best part
of his talk (apparently what we were
needing to hear) the computer froze!
We tried everything only to have it
continue as he said amen! We then
determined that the adversary must
surely not have wanted us to be there
and hear these inspirational words
and also to be in Utah with our family
because he was working hard to stop us!
But we laughed in his face, and set out
to continue the journey. The freeway
had finally opened and we along with
a million, trust me this hardly seems
like an exaggeration,
semi trucks began our journey.
Then it was way way too many trucks,
still bad roads and 4 times coming
to complete stops on I80 while waiting
to go on, but we continued our adventure!
We may be giving Job some competition
but We the Welchkins will now and
always endure! Because this family
knows…Love is all you need! Right!!?

pictures soon!


mamasteph said...

Right! We are glad you guys made it there safely! We wish we were there as well! We love you! Have fun! And we'll hope the "adventure" is over!

browneyedgirl said...

That was seriously the craziest weekend! We are so so glad you are finally here! You would never know it is April!!! Love you all!