Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ben Harper = AMAZING

Ok so I took Adam to Ben Harper's concert last night and it was AWESOME! we got there early to get good seats so it was super hot for a while but once BH started playing the weather was perfect and it was such a fun concert! We even got to see Bob Marley's son perform to open! :) Bet you're all jealous huh! haha! We went to IHOP for dinner, so my date wasn't as fancy as his, but hey, those pancakes were pretty darn good!! Hope everyone's day is going fabulously and I love you all tons!!
Love Always, Mare Bear



Sounds like tons of fun! I happen to love pancakes. From the picture it looks almost like you were the first ones there!
love ya tons, M<3

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Eric S. Day Esq. said...

Sweeeeeeeet!!! We are seeing him on excited.