Saturday, August 05, 2006

So tired!

Hello everyone! Sorry I don't get to post much, internet access is limited at the moment! I did write a "Family letter" from us, so you should get that soon, with lots of updates on Leecy T. She did the cutest thing last night- she likes to help us when she needs her diaper changed by going and getting a diaper out of her room. So we we asked her to get one and she started saying "dark, dark!" The light wasn't on in her room and apparantly did not want to go into the dark room by herself. It was very sweet. We hope this doesn't mean a fear of the dark, but if it is it's just something we will take one day at a time. I am not a fan of darkness myself, so I have no room to talk! Aleece also knows how to sing "Ring around the Rosy" and calls the song "ashes!" She is too cute for words, and we know she will be such an awesome big sister!
Val and I have spent the last two days cleaning Grandma and Grandpa's house and let me tell you we are exhausted! And we only got the front room and kitchen done! It's quite the task, but we are glad to help! Hopefully it will be easier for them to maintain it this way. We'll see!
Well, we hope all is well in everone's homes and that you all remember how much we love you! Have a fantastic day!



Thanks for doing it for them, I know it really needed it! Also a good workout:) Love forver, M<3

dawnday said...

Oh that sweet Leecy T. She never ceases to wow us - remember her popping the popcorn herself incident? :) We miss you guys!