Monday, August 21, 2006

just an update...

Hello everyone! We finally got our internet and phone set up here at the house today. Hooray! Our new home phone number is 801-774-0627. So call us anytime!
Aleece is talking more and more each day! Today she was looking for her bird that goes to her Little People's Noah's Ark set and she kept saying, "Birdie, where are you?" while she looked through all of her toys! It was clear as day and took me by surprise! She is too cute! She is also learning how to say Happy Birthday. She associates it with cake now also, thanks to her father, and every time she hears the term she looks at me and says, "Cake Mommy? Have some please?"
Little baby girl #2 is moving like crazy and we can't wait to meet her! It's amazing to think that she will be here in two months!
We hope everyone is having a wonderful day and that you all know how much you are loved!


browneyedgirl said...

Oh my goodness Steph it was so neat to feel/watch her moving last night! Its crazy how real it is! I'm glad I can be a part of it! Can't wait for another one of you guys' beautiful blessings! love you!


I am so happy you are able to post now! I miss you guys tons and send lots of hugs. love ya M<3

dawnday said...

TWO MONTHS?! I have to see that belly before then. I miss you guys so much - come visit. Love you!

Biggie T said...

Glad to hear you now have a phone so you can also use the internet.

I really miss having Aleece around and can't wait to see her - she sounds so grown up on the phone!

I'm sure baby girl #2 will be just as cute.